Reuleaux art hifi Speaker

Reuleaux Art Hifi Speaker

Flagship floor mounted speaker




Full range stereo coverage

360 ° Stereo Sound Field: The speaker has a wide range of sound field coverage and can achieve a 360 ° surround sound effect, allowing the audience to experience a more realistic and immersive audio experience.

High quality audio output

The audio output quality of this speaker is very high, using advanced digital audio processing technology, which can provide clear and moving sound quality, allowing the audience to feel more delicate music details.

Floor standing design

The speaker adopts a floor standing design, which can be stably placed on the ground or desktop, providing a more stable and reliable audio output effect.

Reuleaux Art Hifi Speaker

Detailed parameters

Dimensions (width x height x depth)
∅W 64 x H 64 x D 64 cm

Recommended room area
15-200 m ² Room for
150-2000 ft ² Room for

speaker configuration
12 x ¾ Inch tweeter driver unit
6 x 5 ½ Inch mid range drive unit
3 x 8-inch bass driver unit

power amplifier
2 x 150W D-level tweeter amplifier
2 x 200W D-level mid range amplifier
2 x 200W D-level full frequency power amplifier
1 x 400W D-level bass amplifier

frequency range

Maximum sound pressure level at 1m (SPL)
100 dB SPL

Bass performance
95 dB SPL

Advanced Sound Features
Active space compensation
Thermal protection

Tensioning the overall support
Two sets of brackets in the same proportion

Material quality

The weight of the Reuleaux box is 57kg; Overall weight: 72kg; Packaging weight; 76kg.

Power dissipation
Standard power consumption 32W
Standby power consumption 4.7W.

Bluetooth version

Input and output
1 x Ethernet cable 10/100 Mbit
1 x USB-C transmission line (including adapter)
1 x AIDEO Dock Station
2 x power cables

remote control
Implement bidirectional Bluetooth control

Packaging List
Reuleaux speaker box
A set of tensioned integral tripods
Power cord
AIDEO Dock Station
Remote control
Certificate of ownership
quick start guide

Reuleaux Designer

☞This customizable classic speaker has outstanding sound quality and a beautiful appearance. Nine driver units deliver stunning and powerful sound effects. Inheriting a century of craftsmanship to shape a beautiful appearance.

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