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Studio Hebo

heboAudio, a brand specializing in high-end audio equipment, has launched a partnership program to expand market influence and brand awareness. The following is a detailed explanation of the program:

Partner Types

“Enthusiast Partners: Individuals or organizations with a passion for audio and possessing an audio listening room.
Brick-and-Mortar Store Partners: Physical stores with an elegant environment suitable for showcasing and experiencing heboAudio products.
Partner Benefits and Obligations”

Enthusiast Partners:
Receive exclusive discounts from heboAudio;
Participate in heboAudio-organized online and offline activities such as listening sessions, technical trainings, etc.;
Receive marketing support from heboAudio such as promotional materials, online promotion, etc.
Organize at least three heboAudio listening sessions per year, inviting friends, family, or audio enthusiasts to attend;
Share your listening experiences on social media, promoting heboAudio through word-of-mouth;
Cooperate with heboAudio’s marketing promotion activities and provide necessary assistance and support.
Brick-and-Mortar Store Partners:
Have your store information displayed on the heboAudio official website and in physical stores;
Receive exclusive discounts and promotional activities from heboAudio;
Receive certain decoration subsidies and promotion support from heboAudio.
Set up a heboAudio section in the store, display heboAudio products, and provide quality customer experiences;
Cooperate with heboAudio’s marketing promotion activities by holding corresponding promotional activities in the store;
Provide necessary customer service and after-sales support.
Core Advantages of the Partnership Program

Superior Product Quality and Service Quality: heboAudio wins market recognition with high-quality products and professional services, providing partners with stable sales support and trust guarantees.
Flexible Cooperation Methods: Partners can choose the appropriate cooperation method based on their own conditions and needs, making it easy for both enthusiasts and brick-and-mortar stores to participate.
Joint Growth and Sharing: Through the partnership program, heboAudio achieves mutual benefit and win-win results with partners, sharing market opportunities and brand value. At the same time, partners receive generous profit sharing and reward points, improving their cooperation enthusiasm.
Professional Training and Support: heboAudio provides systematic professional training and support for partners, including product knowledge, marketing skills, after-sales service, etc., helping partners improve their business capabilities.
Market Competitiveness: Joining the partnership program will make partners more competitive in the market. Through close cooperation with heboAudio, partners can obtain more market opportunities and resource support to expand business areas.
Good Business Reputation: heboAudio, as a well-known brand, has good business reputation and market reputation. Partners cooperating with heboAudio will enhance their image and market recognition.
Wide Brand Influence: heboAudio has a wide brand influence in the audio market. Partners can use their brand advantage to improve their competitiveness in the market. At the same time, heboAudio expands its brand influence further through the power of partners.


Business Partners

  • F2 Building
  • Oak Streen, 31—33
  • Outer Banks
  • NC, USA
  • (+555) 141-674-133
  • info@heboaudio.com
  • heboaudio.com

Personal partner

  • National Design Council Awards — 2017
  • Winners in general area
  • Branding for Holland
  • Cannes — 2017
  • Golden Lion
  • Holland Website
  • AIGA — 2017
  • Recognition
  • Flatland Website
  • Awwwards — 2017
  • Site of The Day
  • Flatland Website
  • Ix Ventures Day — 2016
  • Best Editorial Design
  • The Monk and the Machine
  • Arts & Digital Awards — 2016
  • Best Interactive Experience
  • Jean the Bill Website
  • Google Design Week — 2016
  • Best Website of the Year
  • California Hostel
  • Microsoft Games of Design — 2016
  • War Winners
  • Real Time Concept VR

Exhibition Center

  • Intermission Interview
    with Kent Brocknan

  • The Great Document
    Highlight and showcase work
    Issue #33

  • Gnomam Magazine
    Cellars and Design article
    Gonam Number 31


Car Tuning Partner

  • Adidas
  • Brandless
  • Suey
  • Carglass
  • Github
  • Red Cross
  • American Appeal
  • Beast & Lady
  • Dundee
  • Tommy Garfunkel
  • Condor
  • American Slow
  • Odisea Books
  • Dostrova Festival
  • Chill & Surf


Partner Services

  • E-MAIL: Aplan@heboaudio.com
  • whatsapp:
  • demand

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